My M(other) is Beautiful is a 10-minute film that captures the live performance of the same name.
A collaboration with artist Echo Morgan/Xie Rong, the film invites viewers to witness the unfolding of four heartfelt personal narratives, each intricately mirroring the cycles of the seasons. As we journey through the historical corridors of Zabludowicz Collection, we are transported to diverse landscapes that ignite our imagination. From the bird singing Japanese garden to the tumultuous Vietnamese Sea, we encounter the fluidity of a Caribbean healer amidst the Walsh waterfall, and witness the birth of a warrior in the depths of the Indonesian jungle. Viewers are transported to evocative settings that become canvases for profoundly immersive storytelling.
Featuring performances from collaborators: An-Ting, Ffion Campbell Davies, Heather Morris, KV Duong, and Masumi Saito.
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