Movement Diary is a collaboration between Guy Wigmore and movement artist Masumi Saito.
The rules are simple. One minute of improvised movement in one take. These pure parameters encourage honesty and risk and offer a space for expression that cuts through the glaze of social media.
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From the hills of Japan to the suburbs of London, we fit the diary into our daily lives, taking the camera out and shooting to reflect what we’re doing at that time. The movement reflects this too – the weather, where we are, and how Masumi feels on that day: physically and mentally.
We are drawn to locations that will create a striking backdrop against Masumi’s movement. This collection of films has become a photo album; it’s important to keep adding.
“Movement Diary began as something task like, to force us to create. During a year in Japan we thought it was a perfect opportunity to do something throughout, to record the year through movement.”
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